Thought for Today

Great to see that the Radical Atheists are again fighting the good fight,  establishing comprehensively their moral authority by:

a. Attempting to ban those who don’t agree with them


b. really fronting up to the key issues of the place of religion in our society

Shine on, you Radical Atheist diamonds!  Only this one last foundation block of monotheism to topple, and we will really achieve our dream of a rational, secular paradise….



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2 responses to “Thought for Today

  1. Is it just me...

    The Puckish Lord seems to have a pet hate against these so called Radical Atheists. I don’t think that these radical atheists present as much of a danger to society as, say, some of the radical theists that we see so much of on TV, but nonetheless I feel moved to clarify one of the aims of this “radical” movement.

    Many atheists and agnostic atheists are simply seeking to promote tolerance and secularism as a defence against religious indoctrination, oppression, and hatred. They don’t seek to ban religion or the expression of religious views and would agree that tolerance and secularism are not promoted by attacking free speech. Few would object to hearing the thoughts of a Jewish, Christian, or Muslim worshipper. There may be many areas where a basic moral code is shared between believers and non-believers. Many (atheists, agnostics and theists alike) would object to the homophobic, sexist, racist, and genuinely radical views expressed by fundamentalists of religious or non-religious persuasions, whether Bin Laden, Nick Griffen, or George Bush.

    It seems reasonable that everyone has an opportunity to respond to the views expressed by others, whether considered radical, unacceptable, irrational or merely mundane.

    • simonjoeyrobertson

      Fair enough point, and I’ve been thinking I should probably clarify my thinking on this, rather than simply fall back on a bit of fairly opaque, snarky facetiousness. That said, fairly opaque snarky facetiousness has seen me well in life thus far, and I’m somewhath loathe to abondon it.

      Suffice it to say that the petitioners I’m referring to are demanding an absolute ban of the show, unless they are allowed to participate. This strikes me as the action of people who both lack judgement in terms of advancing what they claim is an argument based on rationality and tolerance (though I’d argue it isn’t – more of which anon) and utterly fail to possess either sufficient self-awareness or a anything resembling a snese of humour.

      However, my main issue with them, and this group as a whole, is not at all that they are radical and courageous, but that they arent radical or courageous enough….

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