Dealing with the recession, John Mclane-style 4.0: Live free or suck rather badly.

My name is Harry Ellis, and I had nothing to do with this ad.

My name is Harry Ellis, and I had nothing to do with this ad.

Good to see that Aviva (who no doubt devour my ramblings voraciously) responded to my musings of t’other day by spending tens of thousands of pounds painting a big fat digital bullseye on their collective arse , taking over youtube.  The comments are as you might expect, though the reference to paying millions to a marketing firm staffed exclusively by cocaine snorting twats.”  is the one that really warmed me up something chronic on this damp and somewhat dispiriting Monday.
On a (slightly) more serious note, though, one commentator among many hit the (fairly obvious) nail on the (entirely predictable) head with the following:
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It would probably be more “exciting” if the company didn’t spend millions on a name change, and instead paid out some of the legit claims it ignores, from customers who have already been ripped off by Norwich Un… I mean “Aviva”‘s extremely high rates.”Norwich Union has one of the worst repuations as a business with the public. And changing names rather than sorting out it’s issues is only going to lower people’s already negitive thoughts on the company. “
Which just goes to show that in advertising in the UK, particularly when THE SKY IS FALLING, it is increasingly difficult to fool any of the people any of the time.  Even those who can’t spell or use apostrophes.



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