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In the interests of full disclosure….

So what’s this all about then?  I hear you, the non-existent reader, not ask.  Well, fear not, as I expound and, as The Connection have just – RIGHT NOW – wailed on my stereo, Try Expanding Yo Understanding.

The official explanation:

A mate told me that it would be good for career recognition and such, in this wonderful, cooky Business They Call Ad.

The other explanation:

Other people are getting praise and I want a piece of the action.  It’s the long tail, baby: somewhere, no matter how removed geographically or temporally, there is someone who will praise any old bollocks.   Got bless, you Tim Berners-Lee, you’ve allowed each and everyone of us to be able to feel just like that pretty blonde girl in the sixth form who was good in the national youth theatre and all the teachers secretly wanted to nail.  A New Renaissance is truly upon us.

All of which is a typically long-winded way of saying that I’ll be using this as a forum to allow me to expound on any old cobblers that springs to mind, most probably focussing around my quintet of obsessions:






along with  a sprinkling of wacky adchat about, well, ads and that,  to make myself feel as if I’m achieving something constructive.  Expect further tarting up of this page, and all of the humour, self-loathing, misrulery, belltapcurvism and overall puckishness that YOU, my non-existent reader, have not yet come to expect in this very same place at irregular intervals until I get bored or you stop not reading.



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